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Solar Power Tower

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Power towers use a circular or semi-circular array of heliostats (large individually-tracking mirrors) to concentrate sunlight on to a central receiver mounted at the top of a tower.

A heat transfer medium in this central receiver absorbs the highly concentrated radiation reflected by the heliostats and converts it into thermal energy to be used for the subsequent generation of superheated steam for turbine operation. Heat transfer media so far demonstrated include water/steam, molten salts, liquid sodium and air.

Concentrating sunlight over 500 times, power tower technology has the potential advantage of delivering high temperature solar heat in utility scale quantities at temperatures of 500°C or more for steam cycles and greater than 1,000°C for gas turbines and combined cycle power plants.

  1. April 9, 2010 at 5:33 PM

    Its very interesting.as shown in snaps. It produce a large amount of energy. It is a good example of use of solar panels as renewable energy resource.

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